Hooks Book Events- Ta-Nehisi Coates

Great experience.  Inspiring. Defining moment for our students.

These are the words of five Eastern students who, thanks to Hooks Book Events, saw Ta-Hehisi Coates speak. 

As part of our work to expose students to new opportunities and promote literacy, students attended a conversation with Mr. Coates author of The Beautiful Struggle and Between the World and Me. In the words of their adviser:

The students all really enjoyed the talk with Mr. Coates.  He addressed issues of race, racism, inequality, parenting, education, politics, and so much more.  As a teacher, it was moving to see how engaged our students were in the subject matter and to hear their reactions to the talk afterwards.  One of the best teaching moments I’ve had for sure.  Two of our students had just completed reading “Between the World and Me” and the other students began reading it right after the night’s event.  They all are now eager to read more of his writings and are curious about attending other discussions with writers.


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