Our historic opportunity

Our country is in desperate need of conversations that bring us together. Many people choose to avoid difficult conversations, however, because we worry about offending others, feeling awkward, or not knowing what to say. For the first time, one-third of the schools in Washington D.C. enroll families from diverse socioeconomic and racial backgrounds, creating an opportunity to engage in dialogue that helps us build new communities for families and schools across the city.


Parent relationships matter for student outcomes

Kindred builds authentic relationships between families of diverse backgrounds in our schools through facilitated, ongoing small-group dialogues. Through these conversations, parents learn from one another how they support their children academically and socio-emotionally. They also build trusted networks with each other, create a shared vision for the school and promote new, equitable approaches to excellent academic outcomes for all students.


Your investment to Kindred will make a difference!

Here are a few ways your contribution will help Kindred catalyze relationships between parents that support educational excellence for all students.

  • $100 provides childcare and food for 1 meeting.
  • $250 supplies the ingredients for 3 inter-cultural cooking classes.
  • $500 supports the strengthening of parent-teacher organizations.
  • $1,000 provides training to parents to lead their own dialogues.
  • $5,000 will help us support an additional school and its families.


By investing into Kindred you are changing lives and reshaping your community.




If you have any questions about donations or how to get involved, please contact Laura Wilson Phelan at


*Companies for Causes serves as the fiscal agent for Kindred!. 100% of all funds raised through this site go to support the program and its activities.