Invest Strategically to Solve Community Problems.

Working together, with the public, philanthropic and non-profit sectors, we bring the experience, expertise and resources of closely -held companies together to address societal problems in our communities. With Our Partners, we

  • Identify a critical issue in our community and help set goals;
  • Facilitate communication among stakeholders to develop a robust strategy;
  • Identify and focus resources; and
  • Drive results.


Our work falls into two categories. First, we work to solve problems in our community, providing a mechanism for employees at our members to get involved. Second, we cultivate and support individuals with great ideas and help them pursue their impact. 


Via our partnership with Eastern Senior High School, Companies for Causes brings a hands-on approach to our member companies, coordinating giving and volunteer hours to support students on their path to graduation.You can find out more about our work at Eastern here or click here to read a case study about our accomplishments. 



Companies for Causes serves as the non-profit fiscal agent for B Local - Mid Atlantic, certified B Corps from DC, Maryland and Virginia helping business people act on their purpose to achieve socio-economic and environmental impact.


The Brilliant Club DC brings a proven college access program from the United Kingdom to Washington, DC. The Brilliant Club Bachelor’s Program is a sustained academic and enrichment intervention that equips low-income students to access and succeed at selective colleges. It does this by providing a unique blend of academic tutorials delivered by PhD researchers and college access support.



Kindred works to build, develop and support diversity in schools.Kindred works with the community to develop and enact a vision, strategy and work plan for creating and maintaining a diverse school. At a programmatic level, Kindred facilitates structured relationship-building programs to build relationships across lines of race and class among parents. And, at an ecosystem level, Kindred influences structural and policy-making that interrupts and changes policies that allow segregation to endure.


Learn more about our impact on Literacy via our All Roads Lead to Graduation project: