Gifts of Love for Ukraine

The mission of the Gifts of Love for Ukraine is to help provide financial and in-kind support in the form of grant writing and partnership-building for the following two organizations:

Youth Movement "Be Free" was formed in October 2018 with the mission of protecting the rights and interests of children and youth against poverty and hunger, as well as providing holistic education, nutrition, wellness training, and support to families in acute need. Since the start of the invasion, the organization has filled the gap in urgent humanitarian relief and evacuation efforts for thousands of families fleeing horrific violence and destruction. YM "Be Free" seeks help in delivering food and basic necessities to as many as 9,000 families (25,000 people) in hard-to-reach rural areas of Ukraine. The organization also looks to equip qualified staff to offer high-quality emotional and psychological first aid. Needed monthly support: $200,000. 

Lviv Regional Clinical Perinatal Center provides assistance to pregnant women and newborns with various pathologies, as well as premature babies. Due to the deterioration of the security situation in Ukraine, the Center is facing a new challenge related to the safety of patients and staff during air raids. After the bombing of the children's hospital and maternity ward in Mariupol' and other cities, the Center became one of the last fully-functioning healthcare facilities of its kind in the country. One of the Center's buildings has a 6,450-square-foot basement that can be refurbished and equipped to conduct needed operations in safe conditions. Needed total support: $260,000.



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