At Companies for Causes, we strive to leverage the resources our our partner companies to prepare students for career and college success. Since the founding of our Easternship program in 2012, we've worked with over 75 students. All who completed the program and remained enrolled at Eastern HS went on to graduate. We've taken the lessons learned from our Easternship program to launch a Career Navigator to help students across the region prepare for career success.


Our Past Work.

All Roads Lead to Graduation.

CforC has a long had a partnership with Eastern Senior High School, bringing a hands-on approach through our All Roads Lead to Graduation project to support students as they prepare for college and career success. This work has helped us understand the myriad of issues that students and school administrators face as they seek to prepare students for graduation and college and career success. Our work has evolved to focus on helping students learn the skills they need to succeed in the workforce through our Career Navigator program.

Learn more about our impact at Eastern Senior High School: 


Fiscal Agent.

CorC has served as the Fiscal Agent for a number of organizations and individuals, providing them support and guidance as they strive to make an impact on their community. Organizations that we've supported include: