We are on the ground in Poland, at the Ukrainian border working emergency logistics for the Ukrainian Crisis. 

Tactivate mobilized as part of a small team on February 27th in the US. We cleaned out our medical supplies from our readiness training club, The Readiness Collective, and are making the first delivery to the border, less than a day and a half later. 

Over the coming weeks, we will be ramping up a medical supply chain and helping to coordinate between various international military veteran first response efforts and in-country operational elements. 

We have a seasoned logistics and supply chain operation established in the States and a growing network of Polish and Ukrainian teammates. Our in-country contacts enable us to identify real-time needs from the various conflict areas and then help to ensure effective last mile distribution.     

In addition to these immediate kinetic efforts, Tactivate is exploring narrative campaigns in conjunction with partner organizations to encourage de-escalation.   

Help us to continue to combine the skills from the military veteran, humanitarian and entrepreneurial communities to tackle this crisis.   

Donated funds will be used for hard costs of emergency supplies, communications equipment and to deploy medical and other professional response experts.   

About Tactivate: 

For the past fourteen years, we have worked at the intersection of the military Special Operations veteran, disaster response, and entrepreneurial communities to create a capability we call Expeditionary Entrepreneurship. This involves combining military, humanitarian and entrepreneurial toolsets to creatively solve logistically complex and culturally charged issues around the world.  






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