Tactivate Operations: Ukraine 

Tactivate has been on the ground operating in and around Ukraine since February 27th. Initially, all volunteer, self-funded efforts included establishing critical logistics infrastructure for medical equipment, communication gear, and other life saving items to ensure they reached front line destinations. 

As time evolved, Tactivate’s network, operational footprint and capabilities grew and the team was retained by a large international firm to provide crisis response advisory and support to the 5,000 Ukrainian employees and family members of its Ukrainian based businesses. 

True to Tactivate’s ethos, working with locally established businesses in impacted environments is one of the most expedient and powerful ways to have immediate and lasting systemic impact. The funds from this work allowed Tactivate to compensate its all volunteer team to support the task which enabled the group to not only continue but to scale its humanitarian impact. 

How we deploy funds: 

With all human capital and overhead costs covered, every cent raised through this platform has, and continues to be deployed towards the procurement and distribution of critical aid, medical supplies, communications gear and services and to support medical training operations without a dollar being spent on overhead of any form.  


What we are doing and have done at a glance: 

-Delivered thousands of tourniquets and medical kits 

-Employ a team of 11 Ukrainians in 5 countries

-Employ 6 US and 3 Ukrainian military veterans 

-Trained over 250 Ukrainian military personnel in Tactical Combat Casualty Care

-Established a private satellite talk group for dedicated emergency communications for our humanitarian efforts and select Ukrainian military units 

-Provided 65 + pieces of emergency contingency satellite communications equipment 

-Delivered specialized medical equipment to military hospitals to include an ultrasound and wound vac supplies     

-Enabled the formation of a Ukrainian NGO, started and run by an all Ukrainian team that was delivering 6 tons of humanitarian supplies a week for over two months and continues to deliver roughly 1 ton per week 


Videos of some of our projects: 

Short overview of Ukraine Operations

Tactical combat casualty care medical training 

Family Field Day introducing psychological trauma self-care for displaced families. 


Help us to continue to combine the skills from the military veteran, humanitarian and entrepreneurial communities to tackle this crisis.   

Donated funds will be used for hard costs of emergency supplies, communications equipment and to deploy medical and other professional response experts.   

About Tactivate

For the past fourteen years, we have worked at the intersection of the military Special Operations veteran, disaster response, and entrepreneurial communities to create a capability we call Expeditionary Entrepreneurship. This involves combining military, humanitarian and entrepreneurial toolsets to creatively solve logistically complex and culturally charged issues around the world.  

**On paying people and team members**

Part of our operating ethos is providing meaningful employment for veterans and first responders as a way to continue to serve post service or outside the daily stressors of their first responder jobs. 

For extended and more complex operations we work to provide wages for those that deploy with us as volunteering is not sustainable over the long term. Our philosophy is that to have the greatest impact, it requires the best people and sustaining high caliber talent is mission critical. We don’t view paying the best to ply their trades in service to others as superfluous overhead, but instead, one of the most effective ways to amplify impact.  

For this type of expense, we look to secure specific sponsorships and support earmarked for this explicit purpose.  

If you are comfortable having your contribution be used to support team member stipends  or would like to officially sponsor our collaborative effort in a specific way financially or through an equipment donation, please reach out or specify this in your note.

To gain an understanding for how our teams operate, here are a few links to previous efforts during Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico: 


Entrepreneur Magazine Article 




Award winning Documentary including our efforts: The Seeds We Sow 





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