Career Navigator

Students graduating from high school and college today face a vastly different environment than those graduating 10 years ago. Many students, especially in underserved communities, lack a basic understanding of today’s job market and lack the skills to successfully enter and navigate the workforce.

Help Students Succeed in their Career...

Career Exploration.

Professional Development. 

Workplace Experiences.

Companies for Causes has developed a Career Navigation program to help students learn the skills that your industry needs and prepare them for the jobs that you have.

  • Students participate in service learning and visit your workplace to learn about your industry and your company.
  • Students participate in professional development and work with mentors to learn and practice the skills you need.
  • Students learn on the job through internship opportunities.


… and help your business grow.

Our program engages youth in your industry and on the issues you care about through service learning and workplace visits, helping to educate the future workforce about your industry’s needs and the jobs that you have available today.

Our work also helps you to engage your employees in the community increasing your social footprint, reducing employee turnover, and building brand ambassadors to grow your business.


Make an impact on your community.

and prepare the next generation of employees

with the knowledge and skills your business needs.


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