DONATE - Brilliant Club DC

In order to recruit PhD mentors and to incentivize good teaching practices and greater engagement with the program, The Brilliant Club-DC provides our PhD tutors with stipends. In addition, while we work closely with our university partners to subsidize the costs of our university visits and workshops, these critical components of our program still come at a cost. 

Our goal is to reduce the financial burden on schools and place absolutely zero financial burden on students and their families. Your donations will ensure that no cost is passed on to our students.

  • $100 donation covers the cost of 1 week of tutorials for up to 6 students.
  • $350 donation covers the cost of a bus trip to a university workshop.
  • $1000 donation covers the cost of 6 weeks of tutorials for up to 12 students.


By completing the form below and investing into the Brilliant Club DC and you are changing lives and reshaping your community.*


If you have any questions about donations or how to get involved, please contact Tania Nguyen at [email protected].


*Companies for Causes serves as the fiscal agent for the Brilliant Club DC. 100% of all funds raised through this site go to support the program and its activities.